How To Dress For Comfortable Treatment When Visiting A Chiropractor

26 April 2018
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You may not put much thought into what you're wearing when you have a doctor's appointment, but chiropractic care, in particular, can be made easier or harder based on your outfit. Since chiropractors use very physical and hands-on techniques to relieve pain and adjust the spine, it's not surprising that clothing matters so much during your appointment. Use this tips to pick the right outfit, especially for your initial visit and examination.

Loose Clothing

In general, loose fitting clothing is always a good idea because it allows the chiropractor to move your body around and reposition you with minimal binding or discomfort. Aside from being loose and generously sized, choose clothing with minimal seams and fasteners. For example, a large t-shirt makes more sense than a dress shirt, no matter how loose the dress shirt is since the latter will likely have fitted cuffs that must be undone for free movement.

Workout Gear

Lacking large and loose clothing in your current wardrobe? Try some tight-fitting workout clothing instead if you feel comfortable wearing it in a medical setting. Workout clothing is generally made to stretch as much as you need, so it won't impede the manipulation or treatment offered by the chiropractor. The skin-tight clothing can also help with testing and diagnosis during the first visit because it gives the chiropractor a clearer view of your posture and spinal alignment than they can view through baggy or loose clothes. 

Removable Wear

Many chiropractors ask new patients to remove their outer clothes so they can be examined in their underwear for a clear view of posture and spinal alignment issues. Others offer hospital gowns that new patients can change into for the examination. If you're not sure if your chiropractor will require this or not, it's helpful to wear clothing that is easily removed and replaced again with minimal extra effort. Patients who are uncomfortable with this kind of requirement should contact their chiropractor before their first visit to find out what's required and what they can arrange instead for their comfort.

Avoidable Options

Regardless of how you choose to dress for chiropractic care, there are a few types of clothing best avoided for an appointment. First, limit the number of layers you're wearing as much as possible. Try a sports bra instead of a bra with underwire and a clasp since they usually need to be removed during spinal adjustments. Finally, swap your skirts or shorts for longer pants so you can maintain your modesty regardless of the position.