3 Easy Ways To Reduce Pain In Your Back

28 December 2016
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If you regularly experience pain in your back, there are a few things that you can do to reduce the pain in your back by modifying your regular daily habits. Making these changes, combined with regular chiropractic treatment, can help reduce the pain that you experience in your back on a daily basis.

#1 Stop Looking Down At Your Phone

When you look at your smartphone, you bring your chin down towards your chest, which causes your neck to curve and form a shape similar to the letter c. Doing this is not good for your neck. It puts additional pressure on your neck and smashes together your discs in your neck and upper back, increasing the pain that you experience.

The next time that you need to use your phone, hold it up in front of your face so that your phone is at your eye level. This will prevent your neck from curving when you look at your phone. It may take a while to get used to holding your phone up like this, but it will reduce the pain in your back.

#2 Improve Your Sitting Posture

Second, you need to improve your sitting posture. Poor posture throughout the day is one of the main causes of back pain. Start paying attention to how you sit. You should be sitting with your back straight and your shoulders square. Your feet should be able to rest firmly on the floor. When you are sitting, you should be sitting on the fleshier part of your bottom, not with the pressure on your trail bone. Try to keep any devices you use located at eye level, so you can maintain the straightness in your neck.

When you are sitting down, resist the urge to cross your legs. When you cross your legs, this actually puts more pressure on your back.

It can be difficult to make this change all at once, so start by working on improving how you sit at your desk before your first break, then until lunch, and finally try to change your posture for the entire day. After you improve your posture at work, start working on improving your posture at home.

#3 Use Your Head Rest To Relax

On the way home, make sure that you use your headrest. Your headrest is deigned and positioned perfectly so that it takes the pressure off of your neck. When you get in your car, be sure to relax as you drive and allow your head to rest against the headrest. This will help reduce the pressure on your neck and allow it to relax as you drive home.

Making the three lifestyle changes above will help reduce the pain that you feel in your lower back throughout the day, combined with chiropractic treatment that will ensure that your spine is properly aligned and your back pain is alleviated. 

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