Three Lower Back Pain Concerns Patients May Have

13 February 2017
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Lower back pain can be an extremely disruptive problem for a person to experience. Due to the pain that you may experience, it can be difficult to do the activities that you enjoy or that are required for your job. Being an informed patient is essential for allowing individuals to address this problem so that they can minimize the effects it has on their quality of life.

Can Lower Back Pain Be Cured Without Surgery?

It is understandable that many patients will want to avoid undergoing invasive back surgery. Depending on the cause and severity of the back pain, surgery may not always be required to address this problem. For example, a patient that is experiencing back pain due to poor posture may be able to correct this problem by making an effort to develop a more natural posture.

What Happens If You Fail to Undergo Surgery for Your Back Problem?

For patients that require back surgery, it is important to avoid unnecessarily delaying this procedure. Back problems have a tendency to worsen over time as a person is likely to develop poor posture due to the pain. Eventually, an individual may find it extremely painful and difficult to do acts as simple as walking short distances or standing for brief periods of time. In addition to this pain, a patient may cause substantial damage to their back, which could increase the invasiveness of the surgery as well as recovery time.

Will Rehabilitation Always Be Required Following Back Surgery?

A common reason for a patient to avoid back surgery is due to concerns about needing lengthy rehabilitation treatments. While this is almost always necessary for major back surgery, not all patients will require this type of extensive surgery. In particular, patients that are undergoing arthroscopic surgery are unlikely to require rehabilitation or a lengthy recovery. During your initial consultation, your doctor will explain the type of surgery that you are needing to undergo as well as the recovery process so that you can make the appropriate recovery plans.

Addressing back pain can be essential for ensuring that you are able to enjoy a high quality of life. Yet, misinformation and a lack of knowledge will inhibit many patients' ability to correct this problem. Appreciating that some patients can avoid the need to undergo back surgery, the importance of promptly undergoing surgery when it is needed, and the fact that rehabilitation is not always required following back surgery can help you with treating this condition. For more tips on treating lower back pain, talk to a doctor like those at Burgman Chiropractic Clinic PC.