Three Common Causes Of Neck Injuries

8 December 2017
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The joints in your neck are highly complex and delicate. This can lead to situations where a person may experience intense pain or discomfort that could lower their quality of life if they develop problems with the joints in their neck. While there can be many different sources of injuries to the neck, it may be worthwhile to review some of the more common issues that can lead to neck problems and injuries.

Car Accidents

A car accident can be a devastating experience for a person as they may find that they are liable for expensive repair costs. However, even a relatively minor accident can cause intense injuries to the neck. This is due to the whiplash effect. During an impact, the momentum will keep the head moving forward while the body comes to a stop, which can cause the head to rock forward and backward very forcefully. This can put tremendous strain on the muscles, ligaments, and joints in the neck. As a result, you may find that it is beneficial to have your neck evaluated after an accident even if you are not showing immediate symptoms of a neck injury. The trauma to the muscles and ligaments can take several days or longer to start to manifest, and seeking head treatment as promptly as possible can help to avoid these issues from becoming particularly severe.

Poor Posture

Another common reason for individuals to experience neck problems will be due to them having poor posture. When you have incorrect posture, the weight of your head may not be properly balanced on your neck, and this can cause the muscles in the neck to be strained. Eventually, this strain can cause the discs in the neck to be at a higher risk of becoming misaligned. For individuals that have had poor posture for years, this can be a very difficult habit to break due to the conditioning of their neck muscles. To help those that struggle with posture, there are training devices that can be worn while in the comfort of your home that will help to reinforce proper posture for your neck and back.

Workout Injuries

Working out can be essential for allowing you to be as healthy as possible. However, it can also b somewhat hazards as it may put you at a much greater risk of suffering an injury. Whether it is running, doing situps or engaging in other routine forms of exercise, the neck can be subject to rather intense strain. To avoid pulling muscles or suffering other injuries, you should thoroughly stretch your neck prior to working out so that the muscles will be loose and ready for action.