Been In a Car Accident? 3 Reasons to Add Chiropractic Care to Your Treatment Plan

3 October 2018
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If you're involved in a car accident this winter, you need to add chiropractic care to your treatment plan. Chiropractic care can help you in different ways than treatment you'll receive from the other members of your medical care team. Here are just three of the reasons you need to see a chiropractor after a motor vehicle accident injury. 1. Prevent Stiff Joints and Muscles If you've been in a car accident—even a minor one—your joints and muscles are going to suffer long after the initial injuries. Read More 

3 Great Tips To Consider When Searching For A Competent Chiropractor

12 July 2018
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If you have chronic neck or back pain, one of the best treatments on the market today is seeing a chiropractor. This specialist knows the ends and outs of the human body, and they can manipulate it to alleviate your pain. To ensure you're happy with the results, though, you need to find one of these professionals using these tips.  1. Assess Credentials  Since chiropractic care involves a lot of extensive manipulations to your body, you don't just want anyone performing these adjustments. Read More 

How To Dress For Comfortable Treatment When Visiting A Chiropractor

26 April 2018
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You may not put much thought into what you're wearing when you have a doctor's appointment, but chiropractic care, in particular, can be made easier or harder based on your outfit. Since chiropractors use very physical and hands-on techniques to relieve pain and adjust the spine, it's not surprising that clothing matters so much during your appointment. Use this tips to pick the right outfit, especially for your initial visit and examination. Read More 

How Could Chiropractic Treatment Help You Manage Type II Diabetes?

4 April 2018
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If you've recently been diagnosed with Type II diabetes, you may be anxiously revising your diet and exercise regimen to stabilize your blood sugar level without the use of oral medication or daily injections of insulin. While these lifestyle changes can boost your overall health, in addition to helping you manage your Type II diabetes, it's possible that adding regular chiropractic treatment to the mix can increase your odds of success. Read More 

Healing Back Pain With Yoga: 4 Poses To Alleviate Pain

6 March 2018
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Pain in the lower back can occur from a number of things; it can happen from a car accident, lifting wrong, or from being overweight. Whatever the cause of your back pain, alleviating the pain is the number-one goal so you can move on with your life. A visit to a chiropractor, like Refkin Joseph P DC, for an adjustment or for therapy should be done first and foremost, but there are some yoga poses you can do after to help alleviate the pain as well. Read More